Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My correspondence with J.T. LeRoy

Laura Albert (the writer who masqueraded as J.T. LeRoy) recently announced that she settled a fraud suit for selling story rights to a film company.

In 2001, I interviewed Michael Stipe's old boyfriend Douglas A. Martin, who wrote "Outline of My Lover," based on his romance with Stipe.

And in that interview, Martin bitterly rattled the rockstar's closet (Stipe wasn't totally out ... yet).

Then I came across an interview with Martin that "J.T." conducted — but in JT's interview, Martin didn't mention Stipe by name.

So I e-mailed "J.T." to find out why Martin was suddenly tight-lipped about his old boyfriend.

Wow.... Albert really knew how to press all the hype buttons.

On Jan 01, 2002, JT Leroy "le_terminator@hotmail.com" wrote:

Hi Daniel,

Hope ya had a swell new years. I been sick.

I got back from LA from a big 3-day photoshoot for Vogue and POP mag.

They recreated the Taxi Driver set, and I was dressed as Iris/Jodie Foster.

It was intense, and it was such a big thing for me — being out there in a big way.

I got the flu and I thought it was viral.

But on top of that, I got horrible diarrhea.

And after two trips to the ER, found out it was campylobacteriosis.

So they put me on the anthrax antibiotic.

I feel very trendy.

I got to hang out with Stipe at The Bridge Concert here in SF. 

He invited me as his guest, and he was so wonderful, and warm and way way down to earth.

He was very present and I felt moved by his being. 

It was not long after 9/11 and he just emanated a peace and clarity to him. 

It was very calming to me.

That interview with Douglas was more tongue-in-cheek. 

I really don't think what someone does in bed is anyone's business. 

But it was funny how not really vague Martin was sorta being, so I went with it.

I lived in Dallas briefly with Sarah. 

I remember killing huge bugs. 

Would be swell if y'all could review my books or something, be very swell to be in your paper!

Thanks for writing and lemme know if ya want them to send ya a copy of Sarah, gimme your address and I will get them to.



A few days later, "J.T." sent me a copy of "Sarah."

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